Florida's warm Spring sunshine and cool, balmy nights produce the appealing Honey Tangerine...a fruit that's just as sweet as its name. Tangerines are in season from October through March.
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Sweet, juicy and delicious, tangerines are a beloved citrus fruit that have a very interesting history. The name was initially coined from the fruit's origin: Tangier, Morocco. While the name was originally applied to a very specific variety harvested from Tangier, it would eventually be used to describe a wide range of mandarin orange-like citrus fruits. Tangerine traits include a reddish-orange color, being heavy for their size - due to the volume of deliciously sweet juice inside - and a shape resembling an ottoman, as opposed to the round shapes of citrus cousins like navel oranges and grapefruits.

Made for Enjoying

One of the tangerine's most appealing features is a naturally thin skin, and a naturally thin "mesocarp" - that white skin between the peel and fruit segment. This makes treats like honey tangerines easier to peel, eat and share without the need for a knife. A favorite packed snack for families on the go, road trips and other treks, the act of peeling your tangerines actually stimulates naturally aromatic oils in the peel that smell wonderful. That's why, if you're going to enjoy a tangerine at the office, you should be sure to have enough to pass around - much like popcorn, the scent of a fresh, juicy tangerine tends to inspire cravings!

Pip, Pip, Hooray!

They look like mandarin oranges, they smell like mandarin oranges - but are tangerines the same thing? They're actually very similar, but with one key - and convenient - difference: tangerines don't have hard "pips" in the center. Eating around these pesky seeds can take the fun out of your citrus enjoyment, which is why treats like Sugar Baby honey tangerines are so popular. It only takes a moment to peel off the skin, pull off a sweet segment and pop it in your mouth, all without worrying about crunching down on one of those bitter seeds. That's one of the reasons that tangerines are excellent for children, as well.

Like a drop of Florida sunshine you can hold in the palm of your hand, our tangerines are packed with flavor and naturally-occurring vitamins A, C and B-12 for a healthy snack you'll feel good about. Indulge your citrus-loving tastebuds and try this honey-sweet treat today!