In Season citrus
Come back in Fall: We'll begin shipping citrus again in October 2019

Ahhh … the smell, the texture, and the taste. There is nothing quite like the first bite into a freshly picked piece of citrus fruit from Gregory’s Grove. With every first bite you are rewarded with a flash of flavor and a squirt of delectable juice. Our fruit is so juicy, we even include a bib with every order!

The sweetness of a piece of Gregory's Groves fresh fruit is something to savor. Picked at the peak of ripeness, Gregory’s Grove is known for a sweet taste and juicy flavor that cannot be contained. One bite and you will be back for more. Just ask our customers. Some have been placing orders since our first harvest in 1964. In many case breaking into a basket of Gregory’s Grove fruits have become a family tradition –especially around holiday season.

Not just any Florida orange tastes this good. Our exclusive line of flavorful fruit is known for its superb quality and unmatched flavor. Always fresh picked at the peak of ripeness, every piece of fruit that makes it to customers is guaranteed to be loved – or your money back.

Whether you are craving the mouthwatering taste of standard Florida oranges, or you can’t wait until our annual crop of Honeybell Tangelos comes in, there is always something to enjoy at Gregory’s Grove. Known as one of Florida’s most beloved citrus groves, Gregory’s’ has been supplying customers with mouthwatering fresh fruit for five decades. Not satisfied at offering just a single type of fruit, our groves now harvest these varieties and more:

  • Honeybell tangelos (these are only offered for a brief time in January do place your order early)
  • Sugar babies (the only grove nationwide to offer this favorite, Gregory's Grove to provide sugar babies to its customers)
  • Ruby Reds
  • Navel oranges
  • Duncan Dancies
  • Ortaniques
  • Temple Oranges
  • Gregory Sweets
  • Christmas Tangerines
  • Whether you cannot resist the taste of Gregory’s Grove fruits, or you want to send a gift to someone special, be sure to check out our wide range of basket and gift ideas. Offering exclusive fruit and candy gifts, our friendly customer service staff can help you pick the perfect assortment.

    To learn more about the variety of fruits we grow or specialty candy gifts we offer be sure to call our customer care department at 1-800-466-HONEYBELL.