Grapefruit from Florida and Florida's Indian River... Ruby Reds have juicy, sunset red fruit inside, with the thinnest of skins touched with a rosy blush. Imperial Gem White Grapefruit have a rich, mellow flavor and are juicy and heavy with sweet golden flesh. Flame Red Grapefruit are juicy, thin-skinned, have a deepest red fruit inside and are known for their sweetness. Grapefruit is in season from mid-November through March.
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There are few citrus fruits more versatile than Indian River grapefruit. A little tart, a little sweet and completely delectable, each beautiful citrus sphere holds a world of delicious possibility. Our Florida Grapefruit comes in a variety of tasty forms: the golden hue and mellow flavor of our juice-filled Imperial Gem grapefruit, the deep pink-sweet beauty of our Ruby Red grapefruit, and the sweet fiery-red flesh of our thin-skinned Flame Red grapefruit. No matter which you choose, each juicy bite is filled with delicious nutrition - more than 60% of your recommended daily value of Vitamin C, and more than a quarter of your daily value for Vitamin A!

Squeeze, Sprinkle or...Broil?

Grapefruit is a popular breakfast menu staple around the world for good reason - it can be prepared and served several ways with relatively little culinary skill. Naturally easy to juice, this oversized citrus fruit is bursting with liquid sunshine, perfect on its own or with a pinch of sugar to bring out the natural sweetness. For a unique and time-honored prep, sprinkle brown sugar over the fruit-side top of a halved grapefruit and place under your oven's broiler for a few minutes. If you thought grapefruit was incredible cold or at room temperature, you won't believe how a little gentle heat brings out every mouthwatering bit of sweetness in this beloved fruit. The thin brown sugar "crust" also makes a perfect flavor counterpoint to the fruit-floral notes of your baked grapefruit. Don't be afraid to experiment with different toppings - you'll find that this hardworking citrus treat goes with just about everything.

Wonderful Depth of Flavor

If you have an Indian River Grapefruit, you have the key to unlocking sensational marinades as well. The juice, fruit and even zest of a Florida grapefruit brings out the best in your favorite proteins, particularly in citrus-loving Asian dishes. The mellow undertones of this flavorful fruit add bright taste-tempting notes when paired with rich flavors like soy sauce. One bite of savory grapefruit-marinated chicken and you'll be hooked! Tie together flavors and try a grapefruit-yogurt cake, or even a grapefruit-infused cocktail as an after-dinner drink. Your guests will love your citrus-squeezed creativity in the kitchen, and you'll love the way this classic citrus favorite transforms your home-cooked menu.