Tins, Towers & Baskets

Since 1964, we have delivered Florida's most popular citrus varieties. Every piece of citrus is the highest quality, grove fresh, harvested at the peak of ripeness, then perfectly arranged in value-priced gifts.

Edibles are a one-size-fits-all gift that delights recipients of all ages, and fruit gifts are a sweet, juicy cherry on top - or, more accurately, an orange! It's difficult to find a thoughtful, meaningful gift that will actually be enjoyed and used, but our gift baskets contain such a unique variety of items, it's almost like giving lots of presents at the same time. They'll be able to dig in and sort through tasty treats like crunchy gourmet popcorn, sweet honeybell tangelos, and delectable cookies with the perfect balance of crave-worthy flavors.

Slices of Satisfaction

Gift baskets are ideal for corporate "thank you" presents - they're large enough to be shared, and our signature citrus fruits are easy to slice and share, even among large groups. Nibble, graze or devour, once they're placed in a break room, don't be surprised to find out that word travels quickly. Once the proverbial cat's out of the bag, coworkers will be emailing, messaging and whispering over cubicle walls to come snag a piece of Florida sunshine, from classic navel oranges to tart-sweet ruby red grapefruit. The professional packaging of each tin, tower or fruit gift basket also tells your clients that you literally mean business - that your priority is pleasing them, both with your thoughtful gift and your professional services. Holding a charity auction for your group, school or organization? High bids are always on the block when fresh Florida fruit gifts are on the table!

Smart Gifting

If you need to gift several people at once, ordering a tower is a great way to check off your to-do list in one fell swoop. Each "layer" of our tins and towers is beautifully presented and perfect for gift-giving, which means you're only a few gift bows shy of delighting several friends, co-workers or family members. If you want to surprise an extra-special someone with an unbeatable gift, an affordable tower is a great way to make it happen. They'll remember you each time they peel open a fragrant orange, or nibble on a tasty snack of popcorn, cookies or chocolate. It's the perfect solution to send some love distant family members - from young to old, everyone loves our fruit gifts and towers!