Popular Fruit Assortment

Several times during each growing season, Mother Nature blesses Florida with a citrus miracle! Several fruit varieties, ripen in the groves at the same time. These popular fruit assortments are a bright, colorful celebration of Florida fruit at it's finest! We ship fruit nationwide between November and mid-April.
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Citrus is a wonderful gift. It is packed full of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. At Gregory's we hand select the best citrus for each order. This means that your gift is composed of ripe fruit that is at the peak of its flavor and ready to be enjoyed by one and all.

Our Fruit Arrangements include hand selected fruit that looks amazing, tastes great, and is delightful as a treat. What we do is different from picking up a bag of oranges at the store. Because we are the source for our fruit we have access to the cream of the crop. Every week certain fruit on certain trees reach their peak. That is what you are buying and that is what your fruit gifts are comprised of. The process is as though you were hand picking the best group of citrus yourself.

We offer a huge selection that includes Sugar Baby oranges, Navel Oranges, Honeybells, Gregory's Sweets, Temple Oranges, Ortanique oranges, Valencias, luscious tangerines, Duncan Dancies, and Ruby Red Grapefruit.

We offer these beautifully colored and delicious citrus fruits individually or in assortments. When you buy fruit arrangements from Gregory's what you get is the best of these citrus fruits - those that are ready to eat, have the best taste, and that are beautifully and brilliantly colored. That is why our fruit assortments make the best fruit gifts.

Fruit arrangements make a perfect balance during the holidays to offset all of that chocolate, cookies, cakes, and drinks that are so readily available. These are healthy snacks that pack a wallop of good nutrition. There is nothing like a box of citrus to help you get over a winter cold, or to just as a pick me up at the end of a busy week. Citrus make amazing gifts that not only taste good but help you feel better too.