About Us

When you want to send a gift that says “Fresh and Fun from Florida” we want gregorysgroves.com to be your destination.

Founded in 1964, Gregorys is a company devoted to picking and packing the most mouth-watering citrus grown only in Florida groves. You’ll find traditional holiday fruits like the Navel Orange and the Ruby Red Grapefruit, January’s favorite the sweet and juicy Honeybell Tangelo, Temple Oranges, Honey Tangerines and Valencias. Plus, we take pride in our exclusive line of fruit and candy gifts that simply can’t be purchased anywhere else. And, only Gregorys has Sugar Babies. It’s hard to believe that it was just ten years ago that these l’il squirts took the world by storm because of their BIG flavor and incredible value.

No matter what you choose, from Honeybells to Honey Tangerines, from Sugar Babies to Ruby Reds, Gregorys is all about quality. You’ll receive nothing less than the highest quality at the best value. And, our customer service representatives are the friendliest in the business. We guarantee it!

Find Florida and more right here at Gregorys.