The fruit that always says Florida! Nothing's more delicious than slicing into a sweet, juicy, seedless Navel Orange! Navel Oranges are in season from mid-November through January.
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Navel oranges are a favorite among those who enjoy sweet, juicy citrus fruits. These oranges provide a delicious way to get a healthy dose of vitamin C, whether they're eaten as a snack or used in a nutritious recipe. Gregory's Groves selects only the ripest of these oranges from Florida's famed groves for our trays and gift baskets. These brightly colored seedless fruits offer a slightly sugary flavor that satisfies the taste buds while also delivering important nutrients.

Navel oranges make convenient snacks to eat at any time of day. With their thick rinds, they're easier to peel than other fruits, and their flavor offers enough sweetness without being too sugary. These features have made them a preferred option for those who want citrus fruits that are easy to eat and aren't overly juicy or sweet. They can be savored on their own or pulled apart into pieces for fruit salads and other dishes.

We have a wide assortment of these Florida oranges available. Our navel orange trays are packed with these sunny fruits and make an ideal purchase for those who prefer them over other fruits. Those who want more variety can order a tray or basket with a mix of fruits, including navel orange, Ruby Red grapefruit, Tangerine Tango and Honeybell fruits. We also have baskets and trays that include these oranges along with apples and pears for those who want a mix of citrus and non-citrus fruits. Our holiday navel orange baskets make perfect gifts for loved ones who enjoy high-quality citrus fruits grown in Florida.

At Gregory's Groves, we've been providing freshly harvested Florida oranges and other citrus fruits since 1964. Our navel orange selections consist of the highest quality fruit grown in Florida's citrus groves. Whether customers purchase a navel orange tray or a gift basket that includes other types of fruits and treats, all of our citrus items are guaranteed to provide freshness with each bite. We encourage those who appreciate the finest quality navel orange and other citrus fruits available to browse our full selection of gift baskets and trays for friends and family.