Duncan Dancies

Duncan Dancies

Meet Honeybell's cousin, the Duncan Dancy. It looks like an orange, but it's the size of a tangerine with the thin rind, sweet orange sections and hardly any seeds. And, they're so juicy, maybe even more so than Honeybells. Duncan Dancies are in season mid-November through December.
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Duncan Dancies offer the best of both worlds for those who love tangerines and grapefruit. These mildly sweet hybrid fruits are a cross between the Duncan Grapefruit and the Dancy Tangerine. Gregory's Groves has a fine selection of Duncan Dancies available when you want to enjoy these delicious fruits or send them to someone else as a thoughtful gift.

Duncan Dancy fruits have a thin skin that's easy to peel off, as well as a vivid orange color and a juicy interior that's flavorful without being too sweet. As a cousin to the rare Honeybell hybrid fruit, the Duncan Dancy offers just as much or possibly even more juiciness and flavor packed into a citrus fruit that's the size of a tangerine. Duncan Dancies also have very few seeds, which gives them a somewhat smoother texture to savor while eating them. These fruits are filled with important nutrients that help you stay in good health, such as vitamin C and other antioxidants. With the Duncan Dancy, you get a hybrid fruit that combines high-quality taste with plenty of nutrition.

At Gregory's Groves, we offer Duncan Dancy gift baskets that make ideal presents for friends and family for holidays and other special occasions or just as a way to let them know you're thinking of them. We select only the best Duncan Dancies to include in these gift baskets. These fruits are harvested when they are at peak ripeness, which helps ensure that gift recipients receive the highest quality available. Whether you want to order an entire basket of Duncan Dancies or combine them with our seedless oranges for a bit of variety, we offer both types of gift baskets.

Since 1964, Gregory's Groves has provided the finest selection of citrus fruits in Florida for our gift baskets. Over the years, we've included more and more variety for our customers around the country. Duncan Dancies are among the more recent additions to our impressive selection of fresh hybrid fruits. We invite you to try the sweetness of these fruits or send them as a gift to someone you know who enjoys high-quality citrus fruits.