Since 1964, we have delivered Florida's most popular citrus varieties. Every piece of citrus is the highest quality, grove fresh, harvested at the peak of ripeness, then perfectly arranged in value-priced gifts.
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Our fresh fruit baskets make the perfect gift for many different occasions, from loved ones' birthdays to holidays and anniversaries. Even if you just want to send a basket as a "thinking of you" present, we have an impressive selection available. At Gregory's Groves, our gift baskets contain the finest assortment of fresh citrus fruits that provide a deliciously sweet yet nutritious treat.

When you need fruit baskets delivered to family and friends, we offer a wide selection to choose from. Our high-quality citrus fruits, which come fresh from Florida's groves, include juicy honeybells, Ruby Red grapefruit, navel oranges, Florida tangelos and more. Each basket we prepare contains a carefully selected assortment of ripe citrus fruits that offer plenty of vitamin C and other healthy nutrients.

Choose fruit gift baskets packed with oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits to provide friends and family with the healthiest gift arrangement, or surprise them with a basket that also contains other treats. Some of our baskets include tasty items that offer even more sweetness, such as jars of orange marmalade, nougat-filled pecan logs, strawberry candies or boxes of chocolate-coated Coconut Patties.

When you choose one of our fresh fruit baskets to celebrate a special occasion or just to let loved ones know that you're thinking of them, you can count on getting the finest quality citrus fruits available. Whether your loved ones prefer the extra juiciness of honeybells, the sunny sweetness of navel oranges or the tart taste of Ruby Red grapefruit, they'll have plenty to enjoy. Our citrus fruits are harvested at the height of their ripeness to ensure freshness.

In addition to filling all of our fruit gift baskets with fresh, delicious citrus fruits from Florida's groves, we also offer different types of baskets. Send an old-fashioned crate of navel oranges to loved ones to brighten up their day, or choose an elegant wooden basket packed with a variety of citrus fruits and other treats. We also have special holiday tins available if you wish to have fruit baskets delivered to friends and family for the winter holidays. These holiday baskets are an ideal way to send a sunny greeting from Florida to loved ones in other parts of the country.